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What is the most magnificent, breath-taking view that you have ever seen? Is it the peak of Mt. Everest? Is it watching those great beasts in the safari? For me, nothing is more breath-taking than watching two really hot chicks make out. 
Just picture it. It all starts with a harmless experimental kiss. Then the kiss evolves into something more passionate and tongues start to tangle with each other.

The kiss creeps down the neck, to be followed by a gentle touch, a pinch on a nipple. This is reciprocated by a hand caressing the waist, slowly crawling down until it reaches the buttons of the other girl’s jeans. Buttons pop open, zippers are pulled down. A hand is inserted and, even though we cannot really see what’s happening inside those tight jeans, as the other chick moans, we already know what’s happening.  Oh yes. Then, the once harmless kiss turns into a frenzy of stripping down, chasing the moment, the wetness. 
I’m just imagining these things right now, yet I already have a throbbing erection right here. You can probably say that I am just a sucker for girls making out. I cannot get enough of girl on girl action, and if you also feel the same way then you are in the perfect spot, bro. Because the porn site that I will dedicate this short review today, is just awesome. 
First of all, the porn site’s name is LezKiss, and you can probably already tell what the porn site is all about just by judging on the name itself.

Well, don’t worry because you are spot on! It really is a porn site focusing on the hottest lesbians making out. It is similar to the scenario that I have stated above, only in different scenes, videos, and chicks. 
What we like about this porn site more is the fact that the scenes that you are going to see here are not only dirty, they are also very intimate. They appeal to the emotions and sensualities of how women really react to these scenes, so the ladies will also find enjoyment in the content of this porn site. 
However, just like any other premium porn sites, though, LezKiss would require for you to sign up and avail of a membership plan before you will be able to access its exclusive contents. There are two available options: a monthly plan and a three months plan. It is just up to you which one you would like to avail of. Don’t worry, after the fairly simple sign up process, you can immediately start streaming and downloading all their awesome content.

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The Site

As expected, since this porn site is a very feminine one, the website’s theme is an all pink one! Be prepared for some cotton candy colour because it is going to fill your eyes. But don’t worry, the shade is in a light tone that would not strain your eyes – that’s guaranteed. 
I can understand the feeling of some guys when it comes to accessing porn sites that feature this type of niche when they say that they love the content, but they just can’t stand the website design? Yes, it is true that it could make or break a porn site when it looks like some magical rainbow unicorn pooped on it, but this is not the case in LezKiss. The colour and just the overall design are very tasteful, feminine, and soft. Much like the girls that the porn sites present. 
We also enjoyed how each video was presented. Since this is a porn site that features the hottest girl on girl action, they have already grouped the girls up into partners. This is the reason why the titles of the videos are actually the names of the two girls involved in the scene. Each video is also presented in a group of different-sized thumbnails where a lot of them are big enough to allow you to see the high-definition quality of their videos.

Girls And Videos

Now while we are already on the topic of videos, let me go ahead and talk about them. As what we have already mentioned, all of the videos that you are going to find here on LezKiss have that really clear high-definition quality. Their videos are truly nothing less from what you will expect coming from a premium porn site. 
As for the ladies well, they are some of the hottest lesbians I’ve seen in porn. And when I say lesbians, I really mean it. Man, these chicks really know what they are doing. It is obvious that they are not just straight gals posing for a lesbian role. To be able to exude this kind of intimacy with another woman must mean that one or both of the ladies in each of the videos that you are going to see on this porn site is a real lesbian. 
Now, the scenes, like I said, are very sensual. This porn site is not for those who love to rush things. No, this is a porn site for those who enjoy foreplay, and love scenes that take time. This is also one of the charms of this porn site. With this much care for every scene, then certainly the orgasms in these videos MUST be real. The porn stars literally look like they are holding their every breath in anticipation, and who wouldn’t? With scenes as hot as the ones you’re going to see here.


Any porn fan, whether it be a lesbian, a straight guy, or a straight gal, would certainly enjoy the scenes that you will find here on LezKiss. This is why we really recommend this porn site to all of you lesbian porn lovers out there. Finding a porn site that focuses on lesbian porn is common, but finding one with the same quality as LezKiss could be pretty challenging, as porn sites like this are pretty rare. So, don’t miss the opportunity and sign up for membership today. Enjoy!